A Better Way to a Greener Tomorrow

CIRCON manages hazardous and non-hazardous waste. The results are clean water and newly-blended fuels that are ready to re-enter the industry's life cycle-instead of the liquid landfill.



We extract oils and fuels from wastewater, cleaning the water so it can be returned to the waterways and turning the recovered materials into alternative fuel.


We recover smaller-quantity hazardous and non-hazardous waste from across the industry spectrum, repurposing it as alternative fuel within our network of cement kiln partners or safely disposing of it.

The Four Rs

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We extract contaminants from wastewater and recover materials including fuels, oils, and glycols from a variety of industry operations.
Wastewater is treated and cleaned to meet regulatory safety standards while recovered fuels and materials become components of CIRCON's fuel stocks and blended fuels.
CIRCON's fuels create fresh value on the market and are used to power our industry, cement kilns, and other energy-generating sites.
CIRCON has recycled 500 million gallons of water and managed 61,000+ drums of waste over the last five years.

Our numbers Show It.


500 million gallons of water treated and recycled


15 million gallons of oil recovered from wastewater

1 hour

1 hour or less to offload trucks at our treatment facilities

*All statistics measured over the last five years.

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