A Better Way to a Greener Tomorrow

CIRCON's tank-cleaning and repurposing teams utilize proprietary methods and patented equipment to deliver cost-effective refinery services and create powerful, valuable products from materials that would typically be categorized as waste.



Our methods are the most efficient in the industry, allowing us to complete projects faster, better, and without the need for roll-off boxes, thermal desorption, and landfill disposal.


From residual materials otherwise viewed as waste, we create CIRCON Refuel, a powerful waste-derived fuel that powers industries and supports a circular economy.


We’ve combined our experience working safely on your sites with our refining catalyst and cement kiln knowledge to provide several new options for your spent refining catalyst.

The Four Rs

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After recovering residuals from tank-cleaning projects, our TwinSpin and MonoSpin agitation methods mix those materials into a homogeneous blend and pump it directly into a proprietary agitated tanker for transport. It's the safest, most efficient process in the industry for high-solid tanks.
The blended materials are prepared for use as an alternative fuel.
Waste-derived fuels are transported via our Roberoller or dry bulk tankers to our cement kiln partners, where they're used to provide power rather than being disposed of in a landfill.
1 Billion pounds of waste have been processed over the last seven years, and we've worked at nearly every refinery in the country.

Our numbers Show It.


700 million pounds of waste repurposed as fuel


58 million gallons of waste-derived fuel to power cement kilns


175,000 tons of landfill avoidance


30,000 roll-off boxes eliminated

*All statistics measured over the last five years.

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