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We’ve combined our experience working safely on your sites with our refining catalyst and cement kiln knowledge to provide several new options for your spent refining catalyst. We provide 100% domestic recycle and re-use options for your spent material whether it is hazardous waste or nonhazardous.

Service Details

Circon has created proprietary equipment to physically prepare your alumina-based spent catalyst for our network of end users. We ship your material in bulk, so you no longer need to ship 16 ton loads across the country on a truck. We safely ship via bulk rail or truck loaded at or near the point of generation.

We can screen and size your material for bulk alternative fuels blending used at our
contracted network of cement kilns.
We have also partnered with a domestic powerhouse to complete your metal
reclamation services when the price of molybdenum and vanadium makes sense.

Did you know alumina (Al2O3) is one of the main ingredients in the raw mix for
cement kilns? Circon can prepare the material for feed into that process. Your
residual carbon is also beneficial in this process. Alumina-based spent refining
catalyst should never be landfilled again.

We will separate and prepare your alumina and silica support balls, which are
excluded from the definition of solid waste in almost every state. This material is fed
as an alternative raw material into cement kilns.


Why CIRCON Sustainability is a Better Way

Refineries have historically landfilled tens of thousands of tons of alumina-based spent catalyst each year, while cement kilns mine their alumina in the form of clay. Circon’s proprietary equipment and methods can reduce both.


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