A Better Way to a Greener Tomorrow

CIRCON turns off-spec, off-test, and production overrun petrochemical products into valuable fuel-blended products, creating market value and avoiding any waste designation.



CIRCON can provide solutions for difficult-to-manage products and co-products that may be overlooked by competitors.


We blend a broad range of refinery and petrochemical products from various markets in our fuel oil blending program, which helps power the industrial sector.


CIRCON's centrally-located marine terminal and fleet enable us to service all marine vessels in the Houston and southern Gulf Coast area.

The Four Rs

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We collect hazardous and non-hazardous wastewater and extract contaminants like petroleum and other petrochemical products.
Wastewater is treated and cleaned to meet regulatory safety standards; recovered oils and fuels are blended back into CIRCON's fuel stocks.
Fuel stocks re-enter the market with renewed value, once again ready to power our industry.
4 million barrels of product blended and sold in the last five years.

Our numbers Show It.


500 million gallons of water treated and recycled


15 million gallons of oil recovered from wastewater

*All statistics measured over the last five years.

Need help?

CIRCON's expert team is here to guide you through our comprehensive offerings to find the solutions and pricing that best suit your needs. It's a better way.