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CIRCON collects and aggregates off-spec product from tank-cleaning projects and slop oil emulsions.
Our oil recovery units break emulsions into components including water, hydrocarbons, and solids.
The hydrocarbon components are returned to crude oil or other markets, while the water is processed and cleaned at our CWT site and made available for reuse. The recovered solids are safely disposed of at our network of cement kiln partners. No waste, no landfill.
400,000 barrels of off-spec material from tank cleaning projects recycled in the last five years

How We Move

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CIRCON can accept feedstocks by truck, rail, and barge—or provide transportation to move your materials.


We’re here to help you do more—and do better.

Always prepared, always safe
Large batches? No problem. A 5,000-barrel receiving tank helps us keep up with demand, and our two state-of-the-art Tricanter centrifuges were built to handle materials with high solids. Each maintains a nitrogen blanket and is completely gastight, keeping our site safe.

Materials processed include:

  • Tank heels from terminal operations and refineries
  • High-solid content oils, like slurry oils and crude oils
  • Emulsion and rag layers from slop tanks
  • Barge strippings
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Circon CSU workers
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Where We Work

Hwy 225

Our La Porte, Texas, facility is located just a mile from CIRCON’s Marine Terminal. It has annual centrifuge capacity of over 625,000 barrels, and over 2,000 linear feet of rail-track space.

Need help?

CIRCON’s team is here to guide you through our comprehensive offerings and work with you to find the solutions (and pricing) that best suit your operation. It’s a better way.