Engineered and Carbon Offset Fuels

From materials deemed too difficult to recycle, CIRCON's engineered fuels program finds a way. We take challenging materials and, rather than send them to a landfill, create valuable fuels that aren't just a fresh energy source, but that also avoid any waste designation for original components.


Tough-to-handle streams are no match for CIRCON's proprietary technologies and innovative processes. We capture the calorific value of materials and utilize it in our engineered fuels, which are a cleaner energy source than coal.

Fuels Created from Non-Hazardous Secondary Materials

  • Thin Film Plastics
  • Packaging Scrap
  • Pressure Sensitive Labels
  • Multi-Layered Materials
  • Waxy Cardboard
  • Foam Insulation & Packing Material
  • Automotive Soft Trim Scrap
  • Industrial Wastes including Oils, Sludges, Inks, Resins, and Oily Rags

Why CIRCON Sustainability is a Better Way

CIRCON annually diverts over 125,000 tons of waste from landfills. In addition to keeping these materials out of landfills, our energy recovery programs create an engineered fuel that reduces the need for mining and consuming fossil fuels such as coal. Air emission studies have shown sulfur, mercury, and carbon dioxide emissions reduced by 50% or more compared to coal usage. 100% of the residual ash generated from the heating process is incorporated into the finished product of users of our fuel.

152,280 TONS


Where we work

Avon Lake, Ohio

33565 Pin Oak Parkway, Avon Lake, OH 44012

Our non-hazardous processing facility receives a variety of industrial and consumer packaged wastes for recycling, energy recovery, and disposal. Materials are handled in containers as well as bulk. This facility also offers a unique program for recovering ethanol from consumer materials such as hand sanitizers and perfumes.

Medina, Ohio

955 West Smith Road, Medina, OH 44256

Located 30 miles south of Cleveland, this non-hazardous processing facility specializes in energy recovery solutions for hard-to-recycle plastics and other industrial byproducts; consumer product destruction; and non-hazardous waste treatment and disposal.

Sumter, South Carolina

1880 Lynette Dr, Sumter, SC 29154

 Our Sumter facility provides energy recovery solutions for plastics, oils, resins, polymers, and other industrial byproducts. This facility also offers distillation of biodiesel by-products for resale

Bay Park

12901-A Bay Park Rd, Pasadena TX 77507

Located within five miles of the Houston Ship Channel, our RCRA Part B-permitted Bay Park facility offers centralized waste treatment, hazardous and non-hazardous wastewater processing, and container storage, all managed by a team of industry vets.


Need help?

CIRCON's expert team is here to guide you through our comprehensive offerings to find the solutions and pricing that best suit your needs. It's a better way.