A Better Way to a Greener Tomorrow

CIRCON captures a broad range of materials and prepares them for use in the creation of engineered and carbon offset fuels, generating renewable energy, creating powerful alternative fuels-and avoiding landfills.



Non-hazardous industrial and commercial materials that are typically deemed too difficult to recycle are used by CIRCON to create valuable alternative fuels that generate power and support a truly circular economy.

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From OTC pharmaceuticals to household chemicals, CIRCON can manage expired, recalled, or surplus products safely and sustainably, eliminating long-term liability and supporting our innovative waste-to-energy and engineered fuel programs. Have surplus or recalled consumer products? CIRCON will manage them safely, and sustainably.

The Four Rs

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CIRCON accepts non-hazardous commercial materials and wastes in bulk and containers. The calorific value of materials is used to provide energy to replace non-renewable fosssil fuels.
Materials are physically and compositionally changed by shredding, grinding, and blending allowing it to be utilized as an alternative fuel source rather than a waste.
CIRCON's energy recovery programs generate clean energy for our industry, decrease carbon emissions, and cut back on fossil fuel use.
New power, zero landfill.

Our numbers Show It.


tons of industrial waste converted and repurposed as fuel


719,000 tons of net carbon offset


tons of landfill avoidance


tons of coal displaced as a fuel source

*All statistics measured over the last five years.

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