The hazardous wastes recovered from CIRCON's tank-cleaning projects are, in fact, some of the most valuable parts of our offering, and help create a direct line to the circular economy when they're reimagined as CIRCON Refuel.

Service Details

Our powerful waste-derived fuel is transported via CIRCON's specialty tankers-which are sealed to eliminate environmental risks-to power our vast network of cement kiln partners.

Why CIRCON Sustainability is a Better Way

In 2020, CIRCON refuel displaced 89,109 tons of coal. That's not just creating fresh value for our industry, but lending a massive amount of power to our cement kiln partners, all of which are benzene NESHAP compliant, meet or exceed all EPA air quality standards, and deposit no residual ash into landfills.

Additionally, our advanced recovery facility has been awarded the EPA's 2911 Oil Bearing Hazardous Secondary Material exclusion status, a powerful exemption that allows us to ship materials and products to and from refineries on a bill of lading, avoiding RCRA designation. It all makes our path to recovering valuable materials and creating new sources of power for our industry simpler, more efficient, and more sustainable.


10,652,763 gallons of waste-derived fuel generated in 2020

Where we work

With CIRCON's owned-and-operated transportation assets and a national network of exclusive cement kiln partners, we can perform our cost effective refinery services anywhere in the country.


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CIRCON's expert team is here to guide you through our comprehensive offerings to find the solutions and pricing that best suit your needs. It's a better way.