A Better Way to

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CIRCON aggregates off-spec gas and diesel products and transmix.
Our distillation process can handle up to 1,000 barrels of feedstock per day, quickly separating valuable components.
Those distilled products become integral aspects of CIRCON’s fuel blend or gasoline, both of which are sold on the open market. Additional solids are disposed of through our network of kiln partners, producing zero waste.
800,000 BARRELS
The amount of crude oil offset by this system’s production of gasoline and fuel oil cutter stock over the last five years.

How We Move

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CIRCON can accept feedstocks by truck, rail, and barge—or provide transportation to move your materials.


The extraordinary level of responsibility of our committed team, coupled with advanced capabilities at our facilities, creates faster, better solutions.

Faster, better
We can process up to 1,000 barrels of feedstock per day, thanks to Hwy 225’s unique electric heater, which allows for a faster start time and a wider range of distillation curves and products. Materials managed include:

  • Mixed hydrocarbon fractions
  • Transmix (pipeline interface)
  • Line flushing from terminal operations
  • Gasoline and diesel mixtures
A truck at a plant
Distillation tower
Workers at a distillation plant
Two workers at a distillation plant

Where We Work

Hwy 225

Our facility in La Porte, Texas, is located just a mile from CIRCON’s Marine Terminal. We boast 38,500 barrels of storage on-site, and 32 railcar spots. Our on-site lab tests all incoming feedstocks and performs quality assurance on outbound products every single day of the year.

Need help?

CIRCON’s team is here to guide you through our comprehensive offerings and work with you to find the solutions (and pricing) that best suit your operation. It’s a better way.