A Better Way to

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We recover waste, including (but not limited to) organics, fuels, oils, and glycols, from a variety of industry operations.
We recycle rags, oily debris, filters, used oils, metals, and plastics, and use them as components of CIRCON’s blended fuels.
Those fuels are then used to power cement kilns or other energy-generating sites
50,000 drums of waste managed over the last five years

How We Move


We own and operate a fleet of trucks custom-designed to safely move materials to our designated facilities; our dedicated team takes the hassle out of your freight handling.

CIRCON Box: Efficiency

An innovative solution using more horsepower, less manpower

The ultimate mobile solution for creating waste-blended fuel. The CIRCON Box is a double-walled container designed with our patented agitation system. Tried, tested, and true, this unit delivers value for a myriad of applications.


We can manage a variety of wastes: hazardous, non-hazardous, solid, and liquid. We’ll work with you to create a custom disposal or recycling plan, delivered with world-class service.

Comprehensive solutions
With just one phone call, our team of waste management specialists can help you build cost-effective solutions to profiling, manifesting, placarding, labeling, and transportation. If CIRCON can’t perform a specific service at one of our own locations, we can utilize our network of approved and trusted third-party disposal facilities.

Lab packs
Our staffers have decades of experience in the categorizing, inventorying, and packing of lab packs. We’re thorough, accurate, meticulous, and responsible.

On-site services
CIRCON can provide a full- or part-time technician to manage your waste and residual materials on-site. While others may push to feed their own incinerator or landfill, we’re focused on finding an efficient solution, such as hazardous waste recycling,  that suits your philosophy. We can provide recycling, incineration, landfill disposal, wastewater treatment, deep-well injection, fuel blending, or reclassification.

Circon working with waste barrels
Circon worker with hoses into waste barrels
Circon worker with blue waste barrels
Containerized wate leaving the warehouse

Where We Work

Bay Park

Just five miles from the Houston Ship Channel, our RCRA Part B-permitted facility provides containerized waste treatment, storage, and disposal.

Need help?

CIRCON’s team is here to guide you through our comprehensive offerings and work with you to find the solutions (and pricing) that best suit your operation. It’s a better way.